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How do I know who has watched my videos, or read my printed materials?

To view who has accessed your content, you may click on the the "Leads" link in the "My Account" section for their contact information. This functionality is only available to Vendor Accounts.

What are tags? How do I add them?

Tags are keywords that describe your content. For example, a video on sales force automation software might be tagged with "SFA," "sales force automation", "CRM", "customer relationship management", "selling", and "contact management".

Users who want to learn more about sales force automation software, or compare SFA vendors, can then search for any of those terms and the content tagged with those terms will show up in their results. When tagging your content, think of the terms people use to search for your software. Consider the business problems they want to solve.

You can add tags as you upload new content. To add/change tags to content you have already uploaded:

  1. Login to your VendorDemo account.
  2. Select "Uploads" in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the appropriate category of the content from the "View By" pull-down menu in the blue bar.
  4. Select "Edit" next to the title of the document you want to change.
  5. Change your tags. Separate keyword tags with a comma.
  6. Click "Submit".

What should I put in the title and description?

To best promote your content, you'll want its title and description to be both accurate and interesting. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

It's all about the title.
The title is key in capturing attention. Most viewers make a split-second decision to view your content based in a large part on the title. Here are some tips for writing a compelling title:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • If you have to use a long title: break it up. SFA or Contact Management: What does your small business really need?
  • Don't fill the title with industry jargon or complex concepts.

For more information on writing compelling titles, visit MarketingSherpa.

Make your description clear and specific.

Your description can help your content stand out from your competitors. Using descriptive, benefit-orientated language is a good idea. Stay away from complex terms and concepts. Use bullets to make your main points. Keep in mind that the first sentence is what shows in the preview box. Spend the most time on this first sentence as it will drive click-throughs to view the rest of the description.

Be sure to cover the "so what".

Technology buyers are very busy and have short attention spans. Tell users how they will benefit from viewing your content. Will they see exactly how your software works? See examples of a real ROI? Learn how other well-known companies have succeeded with your technology? Meet the founders?

Do a good job of identifying the value of your content, and you will have more views, and earn more 5-star reviews.

Categorize correctly.
The category which you place your content into is part of its description as well. People are more likely to rate your video highly and watch it more frequently if it's placed in a relevant category.

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